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Sydney Structural & Civil Engineering Pty Ltd

The Sydney Structural & Civil Engineering (SSC) team comprises of specialist designers in steel, concrete, timber and masonry construction with experience in residential, commercial and heavy industrial design. We have extensive experience in working collaboratively with site-based operations and maintenance teams in the management and delivery of projects. We Can help we will work closely with you to deliver innovative and cost-effective design solutions taking into account your challenges and constraints. This means we can provide you with engineering support from start to finish to ensure the best result for you. The capability of the Structural Engineering team is enhanced through our integrated world-class Advanced Analysis team. This ensures we are able to supply you with an understanding of how all your project components will work together, allowing us to deliver structural efficiency whilst assisting you to identify the viability and sustainability of your structural designs. Our goal is to meet your needs and provide innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions through ISO 9001 accredited project delivery systems.

We have engineering analysis capabilities in areas such as: Finite Element Analysis (FEA); we provide structural or thermal assessment of mechanical components and structures including metal alloys, reinforced/pre/post tensioned concrete, refractory and FRP composite materials. Fatigue analysis; we assess equipment failure that has resulted from fatigue due to static and dynamic stresses. Dynamic analysis; we provide specialist engineering services to aid in the measurement and analysis of dynamic stress for evaluation of reliability and fatigue life. Support in carrying out forensic investigation and reporting, site inspections, supervision and site constructability. We are experienced in fixed plant repair and maintenance of issues. Project Management; we can assist you with your engineering project from start to finish.

Australian Standards
SSC follow the current Australian Standard requirements with all our structural design process including wind analysis. In addition to gravity loads, lateral wind and seismic forces are also required to be resisted by building structure whether it is low, medium or high-rise. It is important to identify the different analysis including linear and non-linear, as well as static and dynamic analysis depending on the form of the structures being considered.
Our engineers have the experience to design shear walls, cores to resist lateral loads as required. SSC are equipped with not only professional engineers but with software and technology to define the key objectives. The knowledge and techniques of SSC guarantee our clients to receive accurate and economically sustainable solution to the core problem with extensive analysis provided from our engineers.

About Sydney Structural & Civil Engineering

A consultancy company that specialise in providing both Structural and Stormwater Consulting Design Services for a wide range of Commercial, Residential, industrial and Public Sector Projects

We are design company providing consulting services Sydney wide. Our team brings together innovative ideas and problem-solving attitudes. We focus on providing high quality engineering services, project management, technical skills and competence in our chosen fields of expertise. Clients repeatedly call on us because we deliver solutions that are practical, cost effective and with a focus on innovation and constructability. We also strive to build personal relationships within our industry founded on trust and integrity.

Our Design services incorporates designs for infrastructure, building structures, civil engineering, facades and construction support. We also provide specialised advice in the discipline of materials technology. We focus on the technical aspects of engineering and construction in order to provide our Clients with solutions that are practical and efficient and that incorporate our experience in constructability and innovation.

To be a global Design practice with a national reputation for technical excellence.

We have become widely recognised for our ability to apply innovative designs and alternative use of materials across an array of projects.
We are known in our industry for our ‘can do’ attitude and our ability to successfully deliver complex projects in a challenging industry.
Clients repeatedly call on us because we deliver engineering solutions that are practical and which incorporate our experience and focus on constructability.

We are employee owned
We specialise in selected fields
We continuously strive towards technical excellence
We focus on constructability and innovation
We have an adaptable approach and proactive attitude towards our Clients’ requirements

Care and integrity
The pursuit of excellence
One team

A successful project relies not just on technical expertise, but on innovation and the ability to plan and design for future requirements. It also requires collaboration and the collective commitment of professional advice and construction experience.

Shoring Design
An accurate shoring design must be delivered to a project, as shoring provides temporary/permanent earth-retaining support to a structure during construction activities such as excavation and prevention for collapses on site. There are also range of unknowns and factors that influence the forces of the building or the trench walls, as well as space limitations due to proximity of surrounding buildings and area of influence. It is essential that shoring system are planned, designed and controlled correctly to assure safety of workers and residents, damage-free to the neighbouring properties and to achieve time & cost efficient shoring design. Different types of shoring systems are recommended depending on several factors including the number of basement levels, height of the ground water table, nature and condition of the soil thatare to be retained and the lateral loads to be resisted. Following shoring systems can berecommended:• Anchored or cantilevered soldier/contiguous piles • Secant piles • Cutter soil mix • Sheet piles • Combination of the above shoring systems. As a highly experienced team, SSC is recognized for delivering shoring services in a time + costefficient manner for any type of residential or commercial development. 


From high-level decision making, to our everyday operations, SSC’s shared vision, clear purpose and core values, make us who we are.


At SSC, we take time and effot in coordinating the design between all relevant consultants to ensure we all start our Design Documentation on the same page.


Our modelling process takes into account the latest Australian Standards and National Construction Code guidelines to ensure that our design is both compliant and practical.


At SSC we undertake project management and building services, allowing us to best ensure that works on site are undertaken in accordance with our design plans and to our clients satisfaction.

Residential engineering
Residential engineering requires broad skill sets and knowledge, whether  the client prefers timber or steel frames. Comprehensive design stage is also necessary as it guarantees that the clients’ needs are addressed correctly to develop structural solutions, whilst delivering the most economical structural design for your residential project. SSC possess extensive experience & expertise in residential engineering, whether a luxury multi storey resident or additions & alterations to an existing property. We take importance in integrating green strategies and sustainability goals, as well as troubleshoot challenging construction constraints. Clients can trust on SSC’s well established design method and process including on-site inspections, defined quality management, knowledge of various systems to match client’s objectives and prompt response & feedback to the client’s queries. Whether the client is looking for developing a new project or requires professional advices with the extension/alternation of existing structures, SSC are confident in providing optimised structural
engineering services. 

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Finite Element Analysis
FEA defines interaction between components, stress concentrations and returns many real benefits such as improvement of the function/performance of the structure, cost reduction, identifying appropriate materials, minimising weight and optimising components without compromising the quality of the structure. The accuracy of the output of FEA is heavily dependant on the performing engineer’s experience & skillsets, and SSC can confidently say that our expertise engineers are reliable and carries extensive domain knowledge in FEA design services. SSC utilize FEA as a primary tool to understand and enhance the structural behaviour of the building. We are equipped with the latest technologies and software, confident in providing accurate and optimal analysis for the designing of the complex structures. Our engineers have a wide range of experiences in implementing FEA in the design process to evaluate several variations of design concepts, which ultimately allows SSC to propose an economically viable solutions. From basic hand calculations to FEA models using the latest software, SSC reflect the context of the component being analysed and the loading being applied to ensure that an accurate model is created to provide a design that exceeds the client’s expectation. SSC are open to be in touch for professional consulting to offer possible design solutions and deliver appropriate recommendations suited to each individual project. 

Clients and Partners


We can guarantee that all of your projects will be delivered on time. We are always ready to take your call to provide professional advice. For any enquiries, please call us on the number below.

Contact: Adham Kabalan
Number: 0401 200 104
Address: 69/23 Macmahon Street,
Hurstville NSW 2220

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